1. Luke for Yae


  2. So I’ve opened commissions…

    Commissions info


  3. Paper (thief) boy!

    I dunno… I just wanted to doodle something…


  4. I had a very cool dream.

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  6. So I’m playing Fallen London… and it’s kinda addictive…

    So this is my character - “an intriguing and perceptive individual of mysterious and indistinct gender”


  7. A little Steven from a WIP I’ve started today… but I’m too sleepy so I can’t concentrate enough to clean skethes… blah. I’ll finish it tomorrow I guess…



  9. SPRING!!

    We have snowbanks today… and a week ago it was +15°C… This was the cruelest april’s joke ever, Nature!


  10. I changed an icon for today! I am fabulous with this top hat!

    (For people who can’t see it)


  11. I have to finish lineart of the comic page and color it… but I don’t wanna… but I have to…But I still have a need of talking with someone…

    So if you want to ask me or tell me something - you are very welcome


  12. Ugh, today I was bored, then a bit lonesome, then I was annoyed at being lonely… Lately I am in no mood, I guess I am about to hit the low point. Well, the good thing after enduring this kind of time I’ll be better.




  15. So I am reading Nero Wolfe series by Rex Stout (for months now) and I’m enjoying it a lot. I wanted to draw these characters as animals so here you go. This is a part 1 though. And I can’t imagine Nero as a wolf… he’s too lazy and grumpy…so I drew him as a cat