Replies <3

Welp, dear followers, I’m sorry for not replying to your comments I’ll just never get used to tumblr’s way of replying or when you guys reblog something from me and add some sweet comments to that…you know I just want to hug you and snuggle into your shirt…not in a creepy way or something, heh. So just so you know, every reply, reblog with comment, reblog with hilarious tags, just reblog or ‘like’ makes me really happy and very grateful. Thanks guys, you are wonderful people! <3

Now to actual replying thing—

imageusuratonkachiusuratonkachi replied to your photo: Just need to calm myself down…

i just can’t get over the fact that you can draw such lovely little stuff and make me smile so much ♥

Ah thankew so much :3 I’m glad if my doodles can make you smile <333

imagebliss41 replied to your photo: Just need to calm myself down…

;O; so cute gosshhh every drawing you make is so adorable and special

Why thank you very much, Bliss :3 I’m happy you feel this way *3*

  1. aho-no-natsu-san said: yufei senpai noticed me *v* the replying system is awful haha I’m following you since idk like two or three years now? (maybe more) in deviantart, of course, and now in tumblr too. And after all this time I can say that you are my favorite artist ♥
  2. quesozombiemoved said: i hope whatever you needed to calm from is alright now <3
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